Choosing the best colour scheme for your business

Choosing the best colour scheme for your business

When it comes to making the physical space of your business look as nice as possible, good flooring is the best finishing touch – and that’s where a trusted resin flooring specialist such as Ecoflor can help. But before you get to that stage you need decor and for that, you need a colour scheme. Deciding on a colour scheme sounds like it could be a stressful job, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve compiled some tips for choosing the best colour scheme for your business.

The colours of your brand and business are the first thing that your audience – your potential customers – will see. This needs to be reflected in your branding, such as advertisements and your online spaces, but also in whatever physical space your business is in: whether you run a nail salon, real ale bar or children’s play area, it needs to be consistent and reflective of what you do.

Colour psychology plays a big part in choosing the best colour scheme for your business: certain colours provoke certain feelings, which is a theory that actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Recognising the feelings that are manifested by certain colours is really important when it comes to deciding which colours you want to use within your business. For example, yellow provokes feelings of creativity and confidence, making it a great colour to use at a drama studio or art workshop – while blue evokes feelings of communication and reflection, which is why it’s the perfect colour for somewhere like a therapists’ office. It’s worth having a quick look into colour psychology and seeing if that can help you choose the best colour scheme for your business.Just think about the sort of customer or client you want to attract, and which colours can help you get there.

When choosing your colour scheme, you can start from one colour – red, for example – and build on this with different tones and complementary shades: pink, burgundy, peach. Once you’ve chosen a starting point, this is where the fun begins. Visit other businesses that use this colour to inspire you, spend a few hours scrolling through Pinterest, or gather interior design magazines to create a physical mood board. You’ll start to notice a real theme with the ideas that you’re drawn to, pinning or cutting out and while you don’t need to copy them completely, they’re definitely a good place to start when it comes to shopping around for your own business. Make sure the ‘big things’ like rugs or sofas are all a pretty similar colour to each other, and then play around with different tones and accents to bring certain areas of the room(s) to attention.

The main things to think about when it comes to choosing a colour scheme are to avoid too many clashing shades and tones that are too dark and dingy, keep colour psychology in mind and ultimately, make sure the colours are ones that you like – because at the end of the day, you’ll (probably) be spending a lot of time at your business!

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