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Choosing the best colour scheme for your business

When it comes to making the physical space of your business look as nice as possible, good flooring is the best finishing touch – and that’s where a trusted resin flooring specialist such as Ecoflor can help. But before you get to that stage you need decor and for that, you need a colour scheme. Deciding on a colour scheme sounds like it could be a stressful job, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve compiled some tips for choosing the best colour scheme for your business.

The colours of your brand and business are the first thing that your audience – your potential customers – will see. This needs to be reflected in your branding, such as advertisements and your online spaces, but also in whatever physical space your business is in: whether you run a nail salon, real ale bar or children’s play area, it needs to be consistent and reflective of what you do.

Colour psychology plays a big part in choosing the best colour scheme for your business: certain colours provoke certain feelings, which is a theory that actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Recognising the feelings that are manifested by certain colours is really important when it comes to deciding which colours you want to use within your business. For example, yellow provokes feelings of creativity and confidence, making it a great colour to use at a drama studio or art workshop – while blue evokes feelings of communication and reflection, which is why it’s the perfect colour for somewhere like a therapists’ office. It’s worth having a quick look into colour psychology and seeing if that can help you choose the best colour scheme for your business.Just think about the sort of customer or client you want to attract, and which colours can help you get there.

When choosing your colour scheme, you can start from one colour – red, for example – and build on this with different tones and complementary shades: pink, burgundy, peach. Once you’ve chosen a starting point, this is where the fun begins. Visit other businesses that use this colour to inspire you, spend a few hours scrolling through Pinterest, or gather interior design magazines to create a physical mood board. You’ll start to notice a real theme with the ideas that you’re drawn to, pinning or cutting out and while you don’t need to copy them completely, they’re definitely a good place to start when it comes to shopping around for your own business. Make sure the ‘big things’ like rugs or sofas are all a pretty similar colour to each other, and then play around with different tones and accents to bring certain areas of the room(s) to attention.

The main things to think about when it comes to choosing a colour scheme are to avoid too many clashing shades and tones that are too dark and dingy, keep colour psychology in mind and ultimately, make sure the colours are ones that you like – because at the end of the day, you’ll (probably) be spending a lot of time at your business!

Why Choose Silver Over Gold Bars?

Everyone’s into buying gold. People think that the best investment they can do is buying gold bars. They are partially right, gold has a high price and rarely have big oscillations in price. It takes a lot of time for gold to reach a big difference in selling and buying price.

Silver is the second metal that was used in history as a payment method. Silver was always valuable and today it is no different. However, the price of silver is not as big as the price of gold. That’s why on the market silver is considered the less desired precious metal. Still, a lot of people trade with silver, and here’s why.

Silver is way more affordable than gold

At the moment, the price of gold compared to the price of silver is incredibly higher. It wasn’t like this centuries ago when kings and landlords used silver coins as a trading method. Today, gold stands around $1310 for an ounce, while silver is on $15. It’s a huge difference, right?

This, however, can be good for those that don’t like spending enormous amounts of money for precious metals. In the last 100 years, gold and silver traveled almost the same path when it comes to raising and falling in price. Silver’s price is a little more likely to have bigger fluctuations than the gold, but nothing significant.

So, if you want to invest some money in precious metals but you don’t like spending thousands of dollars, you can buy some silver bars. Knowing that the price of silver is not about to drop significantly, you can feel safe about your investment. Actually, chances are big that the price of silver will only go up because of more factors, but that’s another story.

Price fluctuations are smaller than in gold

We literally just said that price fluctuations in silver are higher than the one of gold, right? Yes, we did, but if you compare this in real money, you’ll see that eventual price fluctuations in gold can make you earn or lose extreme sums. In silver, this is not possible unless you buy a ton of it.

Private entities that trade with silver do this because of its low price. So, if you buy – let’s say 10 pounds of silver bars, you’ll pay around $4.000. If the price of the silver drops for 2.5% you’ll lose around $100. But, if you buy 10 pounds of gold, that around $200.000. In this case, you’ll lose $5.000. It’s not the same, right?

Governments gave up on silver

Some people think that the future lies in silver. Seeing that governments of the world practically gave up on silver, they think that buying large quantities of silver bars might give them profit one day.

The facts say that most governments of the world have no more silver reserves in their national vaults. Only the USA, Mexico, and India still have national reserves. The idea is that private entities with a higher amount of gold might be able to dictate the price in an eventual need of this precious metal.

Supplies from mines are declining

This is a very important issue for all interested in buying or selling silver. As of 2015, the mines all around the world produce less silver. It seems like the supplies are depleting and less silver will be produced in the future. See how much silver there is in the world mines here.

On the other hand, silver is being used in the industry because it’s fairly cheap yet, the features it has are very useful. Silver is one of the best electrical conducts, its thermal features are amazing and it is highly reflective making it useful in many industries. Practically, silver is all around us, we just don’t see it. Silver is a much-needed metal in our everyday life.


Silver is way more affordable than gold, and this is the main reason why people choose buying silver instead of gold or other precious materials. Also, silver is being used widely in everyday life, unlike other precious metals that are practically just for show or are used much rarely for everyday needs.

Getting into the business of selling and buying silver is a smart investment move.

Can translations help your sales?

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Nowadays, a rapidly growing number of business owners in the United Kingdom decide to explore international markets and take the full advantage of globalisation. Although still overlooked fairly often by the corporate managers, one of the most important aspects of business internationalisation are professional translation and language services.

The language translation industry is expected to be worth over £40 Billion worldwide within the next 2 years. As you can see, such growth indicates that the approach to internationalisation is changing amongst UK businesses, who are starting to fully appreciate the true importance of translations within competitive markets and the direct impact they can have on sales. The once widely preferred ‘one-fits-all’ approach to markets, where an entire marketing campaign remains unadjusted for specific markets (including language, images etc.), simply because it works well on the company’ home turf, is currently being replaced by a more modern method, which identifies each market from an individual angle and defines its characteristics separately.

As it happens, language is one of the main characteristics defining culture, which defines market. Equally important to the socio-economic aspects, language can define how a market reacts to a campaign or product, and consequently, directly affect your sales.

Regardless of which international market a company chooses to target, translating their content in order to suit that particular market’s characteristic is something any successful business must consider.

What material should a business translate?

Although this is an extremely important question, it is also a very individual one and unfortunately there isn’t a straightforward answer. Before translating, each business needs to evaluate their campaigns, products and the chosen market itself in order to specify precisely which materials will help them in increasing sales and revenue after being translated into the market’s native language.

For example, a company might wish to enter a market with a range of specific products, which they find most likely to perform well in the chosen country. If the company’s website is extensive with a number of different sections and hundreds of product descriptions, translating the entire website would not only be impractical and futile, but also costly. Being able to successfully identify the specific business content, which after translating may be in some ways capable of positively affecting consumer behaviour is a critical part of internationalisation, not only for the potential revenues, but also the existing budget.

As the company’s website is, in many instances, the first point of contact between a business and the potential customer, translating the firm’s web space is an almost essential step when approaching foreign markets. Nonetheless, website isn’t the only marketing material a company should translate in order to successfully acquire new customers abroad.

If a business has a physical presence in the target country, translating brochures, leaflets as well as something as trivial as business cards can have a direct, positive impact on consumer behaviour and your brand’s perception within a foreign market.

If your company will approach the foreign customers online, as previously mentioned, translating your website (or the chosen areas of it) is nothing short of essential. Additionally, if you run a mobile app which your customers can use to stay connected with your brand or purchase your products, translating it might also be worth considering – from both – company image and sales point of view.

Often, however, marketing materials such as websites or mobile apps require transcreation, which is a step beyond a simple word for word translation. Transcreation focuses on recreating marketing content in order to ensure that it is carefully localised for the target audience, which includes not only the language itself, but also other elements which may affect how your potential customers perceive your campaigns. Transcreation usually considers language, emotion and culture of the target market and allows the marketing materials to be specifically and carefully attuned to consumers. You can read more about transcreation here.

Is there anything else?

Often, business owners believe that translating marketing materials is all that needs to be done during internationalisation. Although essential, translating marketing content isn’t everything. While overlooked, the translation of legal documents is equally important for a business while approaching foreign markets.

Translating documents such as contracts, terms and conditions or user-manuals is key in the customer acquisition process and can additionally be an important element of gaining business partners.

While the translation of marketing content requires a lot of creativity, legal documents often require an understanding of legal system in both, the home and target countries. As a result, it is extremely important that the translation agency your business decides to work with is able to provide translations by linguists who are not only native speakers of your chosen market’s native language, but who additionally have experience within the legal sector.

Linguist or a translation agency?

In many cases, a business owner is able to successfully select the materials which need translating and allocate funds in the budget, but isn’t quite sure how to find the best provider for their particular translation needs.

For business related translations, human translators are usually a far better choice than machines. Although significantly more expensive, they guarantee creativity and expertise which even the most advanced machines aren’t able to match. Yet.

When looking for a professional translation provider, a business is typically faced with two options; working with a freelance linguist or a translation agency. Each of the two options have their pros and cons and it truly is the company’s individual approach as well as their needs and budget which will define the choice. 

Working with a freelance translator is usually cheaper, nonetheless it comes at the price of turnaround times and security.

Translation agency will not only be able to provide the translations faster, but will also guarantee higher security, which can be especially significant when translating legal files.

An additional benefit of working directly with translation companies is the fact that they can provide specialist translations for a number of sectors and types of files, while a freelance translator usually specialises in the translation of particular type of files, whether marketing or legal and won’t be able to provide expertise across all materials.

A great place to find a freelance linguist can be Proz. The platform gathers professional linguists, who can be sorted by a number of different criteria, such as language or expertise, suitable for your particular materials.

There is also a large number of professional translation companies, which specialise in business and corporate translations. Some of the agencies, such as Lionbridge, Language Experts, Translations London or Translation Services 24 have a network of freelance as well as in-house translators and are able to cover not only several languages, but also a wide range of business sectors.

Is it all worth it?

Again, this is a question without a straightforward answer. Translating your material can be an expensive venture, nonetheless, many consider it an essential step when approaching foreign markets. The ‘one-fits-all’ approach might still be popular amongst the older generations of business owners, it is however an outdated tactic in the eyes of the younger generation, which is more accustomed to globalisation and the digital world.

Translation services are without a shadow of a doubt an important aspect of internationalisation. Translating your company’s materials can not only improve your company’s image abroad, but in many cases also directly affect sales; as almost 80% of consumers claim to feel more inclined to committing a purchase if the information about products/services is available in their native language.

Bitcoin: What is to know about their basic?

The fever for Bitcoin does not stop. More and more online services offer them as a means of payment and there is a whole community of people who buy and sell this crypto currency. How are Bitcoin acquired?It may be providing a service or selling a product in exchange for accepting payment with Bitcoin, buying cash or bank transfer among people or by so- called “exchanges. Another great advantage of having Bitcoin is that you have the security that the money is 100% yours and nobody can freeze your accounts. Even you can use Bitcoin tumbler to hide your identity while exchange in complete anonymous mode.

What hardware is required to mine?

In the beginning this process was done with CPUs, then with GPUs and FPGAs. Currently, Bitcoin mining is professionalized and is done with chips specifically designed for this task (ASICs). Specifically, these teams resolve SHA-256 hash functions that are the “work proof” necessary for the network infrastructure.An account is also needed in a mining pool, where many people are in charge of – together and solving the blocks necessary to process the transactions. While they are based on Bitcoin and the difficulty of mining is also increasing, there are coins like lite coin that can still be mined with GPU, which are simpler in the sense of not requiring specialized hardware.

Transaction and security

When one makes the purchase of a product with Bitcoin, if it comes from abroad must be taxed at the customs as with any other form of payment. But if there are advantages in that you do not have to ask for authorizations such as credit cards or give personal information when purchasing products that do not include a shipment such as e-books, software, etc.There is a shared database (P2P) in which the accounts and their respective balances are recorded. In reality, thefts or hacks are to users or services that use Bitcoin. It is like the case of a person who steals money or a bank whose security boxes are stolen.To avoid this, the services usually offer a token similar to that of many banks using mobile applications such as Google Authenticator or SMS messages.

Conclusion: Bitcoin agent In the absence of any external mediating agent, transactions in Bitcoin are made from person to person and the commissions for these transfers are very low. In fact, that there is no mediator also helps you to save on fees for online payments or bank change, to give some examples. Of course, those transfers are irreversible. Once you send money there is no turning back. When there is a transaction, the balance is debited in one account and credited in another.

Budget, Bills, Finance

Personal+MoneyFor a lot of of us who are not economic professionals, worrying about funds and saving for the future can be a chore. An instance of individual finance is debating whether or not or not to save 5 dollars or to commit it on a cup of coffee. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it, restarted my Pixel, and I nevertheless never have access to my bills on the app. Now, Digit is taking automation a step further to assist you set aside funds for bills.

Do not spend for items purchased on line, such as via Auction websites, using a funds transfer service. Mint Bills was a five star app… But Mint Bills was eliminated/combined into this app, prompting users to download this version of Mint. As You Stay is a totally free app that works with hotels so that you can book for hours at a time.

The foundation of my income story is that my parents told me I could do something in life, as long as I paid for it myself. Students examine and contrast strategies for investing cash and the connection between danger and reward when crafting a sound investment strategy. It is very critical that you assessment all of Paypal’s Purchaser Protection provisions.

Digit is one particular of our preferred money saving apps It analyzes your bank accounts to figure out how significantly funds you can afford to save, then sets aside that funds for you. JA Private Finance is a series of activities advisable for students in high school.

WU/MG each allow a international money transfer to be picked up in any nation not just the country the transfer was sent to. Provo craft had lawsuit over it and won so they had to cease promoting the application for the cricut. For those of you that are now trying to purchase SCAL or MTC you no longer can buy the computer software for the cricut machine.

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